Sunday, September 7, 2008


Its been a year nor since I joined CCA. Never ever even in the wildest of my dreams had i thought of doing architecture. I’m not exaggerating but it’s a fact that it was here in CCA that I for the first time picked up a pencil with the aim of drawing something. But now… architecture has changed my perspective, my views, or I should say my entire life 3600..!

The things I observe today are just not what I did perhaps only a year back. Whether I’m watching T.V, reading or even sleeping, I only watch… imagine… dream of buildings..! it seems as though I eat architecture.. sleep architecture… or I might say.. I breathe architecture..!!

Who the hell was bothered to even have a look at the doors, windows, walls and floors..?? Never ever had questions like what is the size of a door or how it is attached to the wall, etc come to my mind. But… it’s the same me who now looks at them with such keen eyes. My perspective of my favorite hangouts like Barista has also taken a complete revolution. I’m more interested to know what material is used what material is used on the walls and flooring or what is the color scheme or the interiors… than how my coffee tastes..!!!

Now, when I watch a movie… rather than admiring the handsome hero or the gorgeous heroines, I appreciate the beautiful buildings in the background which did not carry any importance for me earlier.

Architecture has changed my life to a very great extent. It has become such an important part of my life now that I just can’t imagine myself doing anything else…

Today… if u ask me whether I like it… or enjoy it… my answer with no hesitation would be… YES…!!

But… even now… after a year in one little corner of my heart there still lies a fear… whether I will be able to pursue architecture successfully or not… I hope I’m able to overcome that also perhaps by the next issue of this magazine…!!


ankush said...

After reading this i also thought of Joining the Architecture... Good Job Shweta....

Archana Gawde said...

just good and simple