Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thesis Victim

Hey….how about a holiday in a resort at Lonavla???? Riverside…with the hills in the backdrop and of course...not to miss out on the pampering, beauty treatments, massages, and Jacuzzis…kababs and sizzlers with prawns for dinner…and a topping with a chocolate fondue…oh my..!!! sounds fabulous.. doesn’t it??? Wish…. you could pack your bags at this very moment right??

Well…but I have a different story to tell… Yes…that’s what an architecture student doing a thesis on a so called “naturopathy resort” at Lonavla would feel about it…well, I am no different..!! always heard “thesis sucks”…and yes I feel that today, it really does.

Past three months you know what we do the entire day??? Just gaze at that 14 inch Samtron monitor.. interesting right?? But yes with breaks given by
Oh yes, it’s a big hit here at AGH.

Well that’s not all. Thesis has changed my perspective of lot many things. ”Wada “ is no longer just a south Indian dish to be had with sambhar …its now a nightmare for me. The wada houses of Maharashtra …you could define them as west Indian donuts…!!
Oh god!! I am tired if these courtyards man…!!

How can we forget the “beautiful” looking site of Lonavla?? Who wouldn’t love to be there. But.. if I have to design a resort there….trust me I”ll surely prefer the deserts. At least the “contour layer” wouldn’t exist in my CAD file…!!!!

Well... that’s my story till the 8th week of B.Arch thesis.. hope.. to have a better side to tell by the 28th of June.. yes… that’s the day we will either be crucified for all the lines and curves drafted on all those A0’S and A1’s… or… will be farewell from this heaven called CCA for ever… forever..(

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